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Why conserve energy? There are so many ways to answer. Lessen my carbon footprint? Generate electricty for less than retail? Take advantage of renewable energy credits or tax credits? Solar, resiliency, and energy efficiency projects pay for themselves. Solar power is no longer just for the affluent, nationwide there are programs making green electricity availabile for all. Those without space to host a clean energy system can take advantage of purchasing green energy through a local community solar palnt.

Crate value on your roof or open land by installing solar, SUNCATCH ENERGY LLC can show you the way.


Roof Top

Wheter your roof is flat, sloped or even slate, roof top solar can allow you to reduce your utility costs and carbon foot print. Roof areas covered with solar panels experience longer life than areas bombarded with areas rays from the sun.

Ground Mount

Ground Mount systems are not just restricted to solar farms. Where space is availible, even in an urban or residential setting, systems can be cost effectively built to suit.


Solar Canopies allow parking arears to become productive assets, generating electricity for consumption and renewable energy credits. Canopy systems can be built with minimum impact on parking, especially in tight urban areas where roof space is not favorable.



Bradford Boston founded SUNCATCH ENERGY LLC in 2016 with the sole mission of designing and building photovoltaic solar systems. Just as the solar industry has rapidly grown, so have the services offered by SUNCATCH have. Service offerings include consulting, design and construction of solar, resiliency (micro-grid) and efficiency systems. Being a fourth generation Electrical Contractor and licensed electrician and general builder for over thirty years provides customers with a tremendous body of knowledge that’s rarely found under one roof. With ten years of exclusive work within the solar energy market and projects within the Federal, State, City, County, Utility, Corporate, Non-Profit, Commercial and Residential environments many lessons have been learned.

Extending training opportunities to under-employed communities is incorporated as project sensitivities allow, training and extending opportunities is a must for equitable growth of the energy industry.

The mission of SUNCATCH ENERGY LLC is to design and safely build systems with the incorporation of local talent that generates clean power thirty years or more.

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